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The European Academy of Wind EnergyEAWE

The EAWE is a registered body of research institutes and universities in Europe working on wind energy research and development with the aim to be "A world-leading Wind Energy Academic and Research Community, maintaining Europe in the world fore-front of wind energy pre-competitive innovation".

The Academy was founded in 2004 to formulate and execute joint R&D projects and to coordinate high quality scientific research and education on wind energy at a European level.

The Academy is formed by a set of Articles of Associations with an elected President, Vice President and Past President, it also has a secretary.

EAWE articles of association

The activities of the EAWE are split into:

  • Integration activities, through PhD exchanges, exchange of scientists, exploitation of existing research infrastructures;
  • Activities to spread excellence, through development of international training courses, dissemination of knowledge, support to SMEs, standardisation;
  • Long-term research activities (see below).


The EAWE runs the following regular activities:

  • An annual PhD Seminar;
  • A bi-annual Research Conference, Making Torque from Wind;
  • Supervises the EWEA Annual Conference Scientific Track;
  • Recognising excellence in two annual awards:
    • The EAWE Scentific Award;
    • The EAWE Excellent Young Wind Doctor Award.


President and Past-Presidents of the Academy are as follows:

since 2013: Prof. Michael Muskulus, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway;

2012 - 2013: Prof. Joachim Peinke, University of Oldenburg, Germany;

2010 - 2012: Prof. Peter Tavner, Durham University, UK;

2009 - 2010: Mr Félix Avia Aranda, CENER, Spain;

2008 - 2009: Prof. dr ir Gijs A.M. van Kuik, TU Delft DUWind, Netherlands;

2007 - 2008: Takis Chaviaropoulos, CRES, Greece;

2006 - 2007: Dr h.c. Ir Jos Beurskens, ECN, Netherlands;

2005 - 2006: Prof Jürgen Schmid, ISET, Germany;

2004 - 2005: Prof Erik Lundtang, Risoe, Denmark;

2003 - 2004: Prof Jürgen Schmid, ISET, Germany.


Website contact: philip.rinn@uni-oldenburg.de